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Audubon Connecticut

“It’s valuable to have a holistic approach that is also objective so you can better justify why particular areas may be more important than others.”

Patrick Comins, Audubon Connecticut

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“Tools like this not only help us think about functionality and integrity at an ecosystem scale, but give us the ability to strategically improve these aspects across the landscape.”

Georgia Basso, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Connecticut River Conservancy

“There are so many wells to dip into for information, so the fact that this is comprehensive and comprehensible to those who are not power users of data is really valuable.”

Andrew Fisk, Connecticut River Conservancy

Highstead Foundation

“If you are working locally, you should know what’s going on regionally – where there is going to be energy for conservation.”

Bill Labich, Highstead Foundation

University of Massachusetts Amherst

“As the landscape changes, thinking changes, and priorities change, the core components of this model can continue to be run and provide updated information.”

Scott Jackson, University of Massachusetts Amherst