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Kestrel Land Trust acquires 161 acres of “core area” in Pelham, Mass.

The Kestrel Land Trust and the Town of Pelham Conservation Commission have acquired a 161-acre parcel of land in Pelham, Mass., that will serve as a valuable natural asset for both people and wildlife. The Buffam Brook Community Forest, which lies within a high priority terrestrial “core area” in the Connect the Connecticut landscape conservation […]

Town of Palmer

“These tools give us more resources to effectively achieve action items within our open space and conservation plans, and to justify these actions within a regional framework for keeping our shared resources resilient.”

Angela Panaccione, Town of Palmer Conservation Agent

Connect the Connecticut provides guidances for sound investments to protect Long Island Sound

Information from the landscape conservation design for the Connecticut River watershed is being used to identify candidate projects for a grant program focused on reducing runoff into Long Island Sound by protecting private forestlands threatened by development. Habitat maps for a six bird species, including wood thrush, that were developed as part of the Connect […]

FWS Director presents award to Connect the Connecticut leadership team

At the annual Northeast region employee appreciation ceremony, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe presented the John S. Gottschalk Partnership Award to the group of Fish and Wildlife Service staff who were instrumental in leading the Connect the Connecticut landscape conservation design project. The award is presented to a group of employees who […]

Charting a course for the Connecticut River

Whether planning a canoe trip or a conservation project along the Connecticut River, it helps to look at the big picture. North Atlantic LCC Communications Coordinator Bridget Macdonald reflects on the importance of efforts that bring partners together to share responsibility for taking care of the things they value collectively, like Connect the Connecticut, in […]

Mass Live calls Connect the Connecticut a “major conservation vision”

Connect the Connecticut is gaining attention for bringing large datasets and diverse partners together to achieve a shared vision. In a June 2016 news story, the No. 1 news source for Western Massachusetts called Connect the Connecticut a “major conservation vision” that will help partners across the four-state Connecticut River watershed “prioritize and coordinate land acquisition efforts” in the face of […]

Editorial calls Connect the Connecticut a “breakthrough”

In an April editorial, the Hampshire Gazette praised the Connect the Connecticut project for bringing different groups involved in protecting the Connecticut River watershed onto the same page by pinpointing the places most in need of conservation. Read the editorial, Data can aid conservation efforts, on the Daily Hampshire Gazette website.

Hampshire Gazette goes behind the scenes of Connect the Connecticut

The Northampton, Mass., -based daily newspaper serving Hampshire and Franklin counties, featured the Connect the Connecticut project in a two-page spread for its April 2016 Environment section. Reporter Fran Ryan spoke with several members of the project’s Core Team for the story, including Bill Labich of Highstead Foundation,  Patrick Comins of Connecticut Audubon, and Kim Lutz of The Nature […]

Connect the Connecticut recognized by FWS as model for strategic habitat conservation

Connect the Connecticut is gaining national attention as an exemplar of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s vision for addressing increasingly complex conservation challenges in the face of climate change. The Service’s approach, called Strategic Habitat Conservation, involves strategic, accountable, and adaptive actions grounded in science, and greater collaboration with diverse partners across larger spatial and temporal scales. In […]